We are here for your relatives, too

When it comes to addiction, it is never just the one person who is affected, their environment suffers as well. That is why it is important to us to extend our support to relatives. In close collaboration with “Angehörigenberatung Umfeld Sucht” (ada-zh), a family counselling service, we answer your questions surrounding addiction and substances and offer support in your daily life as well as in a crisis situation.

Individual or group therapy at Arud

As someone close to someone receiving treatment at Arud, we offer you support and advice to help you understand the therapy and its underlying problems as best as possible. Depending on the situation and on your relationship with the affected person, either counselling by yourself or joint consultations with the patient can be discussed.

What we offer

  • Counselling for individuals, couples, families or groups
  • If requested, the person getting treatment can be included

Family counselling at Angehörigenberatung Umfeld Sucht (ada-zh)

If you are seeking advice that is unrelated to the treatment of your family member, partner or friend at Arud, you can contact ada-zh. Ada-zh is a partner institution of Arud.

The counselling service will support you in dealing with any problems surrounding addiction. They might for instance encourage relatives to lighten their load rather than remain silent and to learn how to cope with their concerns without feeling like they are letting the other person down. Ada-zh will also be able to answer specialist knowledge questions and support in a crisis situation.


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