What We Offer Employers

We advise employers on how to talk to employees with a substance use disorder about their behaviour and on how to deal with the situation. We also support the employees themselves who may run into difficulties at work because of their substance use.

Support in difficult situations

Problems at work, in the family or with the partner are often first signs of a substance use that has spiralled out of control. If employees are often late or absent, if their performance fluctuates inexplicably or their behaviour changes, a problematic use of addictive substances could be the reason. However, it is often difficult for superiors or personnel managers to assess the situation correctly and to know how to react appropriately.

We can help. Arud offers a wide range of services for employers confronted with employees who use substances excessively.

For employers and personnel managers

  • non-binding and free first consultation: analysis of the situation, information on possible next steps
  • information on psychoactive substances and on how to recognise signs of excessive consumption
  • assistance with further steps and when talking to the employees in question
  • training and prevention: organisation of events, workshops or talks on the subject of addiction; develop preventive measures together

For affected employees

  • chats and information on possible steps we consider appropriate and necessary
  • further action, if desired: substance-related medical treatment, couples or family counselling or the recommendation of a self help group


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