We treat Alcohol Disorders with Discretion

If you no longer have complete control over your drinking behaviour, Arud is here for you. Whether you want to drink less, in a controlled manner, or stop altogether, we help respectfully and with discretion, taking no educational approach.

As long as alcohol issues remain a taboo subject, many people do not dare to seek help; the shame and fear of what might follow after coming out are too strong. With our campaign, we want to counteract the prejudices and discrimination against people with addiction.

Campaign against stigma

Alcohol has a firm place in our culture and is simply part of it for many people, even though alcohol has a high potential for addiction and damage. Depending on the consumed amount, alcohol can damage almost every organ. In addition to the physical effects, alcohol consumption is often accompanied by psychological, social or occupational impairments.

Alcohol is accepted, but people with alcohol problems are not - those affected are condemned and disadvantaged. This is despite the fact that the stigma is not a problem created by people with an addiction disorder, but it is a societal one.

Excluded, condemned and disadvantaged - the stigmatization of those affected has a negative impact on how patients feel and on the course of their disease. And even worse: the stigma represents an invisible and hardly surmountable hurdle when it comes to seeking professional help.

Offering support without judging

Actively ostracizing and judging people with addiction seems to be used in our society as a way of trying to educate them: The worse we treat people with addiction problems, the sooner they should realize that their behavior is wrong.

Yet numerous studies have shown: stigmatization and exclusion are not effective solutions to addiction problems; they reinforce them and contribute to those affected becoming even more isolated and reluctant to seek treatment.

The consequences of this thinking are fatal, not only for those affected, but also for family members and ultimately for society as a whole and for healthcare costs.

Respect and empower instead of excluding and disciplining

It is therefore important to create a climate in which those affected dare to ask for help and talk about their difficulties. Professionals have a great opportunity to communicate in an open, supportive and non-judgmental way, so that those affected dare to take the step of seeking counseling or treatment.

It is important to Arud to treat people respectfully and without moralizing and to take them seriously. Abstinence is not mandatory for treatment to take place, because a reduction in consumption is also a valid goal for improving health and quality of life. Common co-occurring disorders of addiction - such as depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD, trauma disorders - must also be addressed for sustained treatment success.

Holistic treatment approach at Arud

Everything is well-coordinated and under one roof - our physicians examine those affected for possible physical damage, psychiatrists and psychologists offer psychotherapy and addiction therapy, and social workers support patients as needed.

We are setting an example with our campaign: While we are addressing the issue of discretion for those affected, we are calling on society to rethink the way it talks about alcohol problems and, instead of excluding and condemning those affected, to help and include them.


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