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Arud was founded by committed medical specialists during a time when pictures of the open drug scene in Zurich shook the world. It was a necessary and pragmatic response to these precarious circumstances. With its hands-on approach and corresponding research work, Arud has, since its beginnings 25 years ago, played a substantial role in shaping Swiss drugs policy. The goal of our work has remained the same: to guarantee treatment for everyone affected by an addiction.

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At the moment, our association has 150 members.

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As a donor, you will receive regular updates of our work as well as invitations to events.

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Today, the treatment of addictions is part of the mandatory services provided by health insurance companies. Accordingly, we settle our addiction treatment services via health insurance providers.

However, our commitment runs much deeper. As a dedicated participant in the field of addiction, we work on many levels to ensure that the situation of those affected continues to improve.

This commitment is important to us and an integral part of our work. Support us in our efforts to improve people’s quality of life and to strive for progress in the field of addiction – in medicine as well as in politics.

The pursuit of financial gain is not our motivation, and any surplus funds will be used exclusively to ensure the continued existence and development of our institution.