Focusing on Existing Mental Health Problems

Mental illness can be a reason for losing control over the use of psychoactive substances. Or it can be the result of consumption.

Multifaceted interactions

Substance use that can no longer be controlled as well as non-substance-related addictions are often accompanied by additional mental illnesses and disorders. These have an impact on both the development of an addiction disorder and the course it takes. Positive changes can often only be achieved if coexisting mental illnesses are recognised and treated.

Taking into account accompanying diseases

Anxiety disorders, low moods, post-traumatic stress disorders and ADHD are particularly common in combination with substance use disorders. In addition to psychotherapy, supporting drug treatments can be helpful here.

Short or long-term therapy

The correlations between mental health problems and dependencies are diverse. In order to understand the problems at hand, initial clarifications are made at the beginning and important basics are taught. In the further course, short or long-term talking therapies can tackle current problems as well as longer lasting, recurring patterns and mental strain. Our doctors and psychologists offer treatments according to the latest scientific findings.

What we offer:

  • information, advice
  • assessments
  • to plan your treatment together
  • tailor-made psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatments
  • drug treatment, if required
  • counselling for individuals, couples and families


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