Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

To make lasting changes to problematic or addictive consumption patterns, it is not just the physical problems that need to be addressed. Any social and mental health issues will have to be taken into account as well. In addition to our tailor-made addiction treatment, we offer psychiatric and psychotherapeutic assessments and treatments according to the latest scientific findings.

What we offer:

  • assessments of addictive disorders
  • diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric comorbidities such as ADHD
  • outpatient detoxification (alcohol, tobacco, medicines, cocaine, cannabis)
  • pharmacotherapy for substance use disorders, non-substance-related addictions and co-occurring mental disorders
  • opioid agonist therapy (OAT) for opioid dependence
  • outpatient psychotherapy for addictive disorders
  • outpatient psychotherapy for additional mental disorders and impairments

Comorbidity – understanding a complex interplay

People with substance use disorders and/or non-substance-related addictions have an increased risk of further mental health conditions – ADHD, anxieties, phobias and affective disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders and personality disorders are the most prevalent. On the other hand, people with mental health problems are more likely to suffer from dependencies. Substance use disorders and any comorbid psychiatric disorders influence each other's formation, dynamics and further development in a variety of ways.

A reasonable and promising treatment is often only possible, once this interplay is understood and taken into account. This is why a thorough evaluation prior to any therapeutic treatment is so important. Together with the patient, we will then be able discuss treatment options that are going beyond just treating the addictive disorder. This will allow adequate planning and goal setting from the very beginning.


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