Pleasure, enough, too much?

We consume - whether alcohol, cannabis, medication or online games: the majority of consumption is unproblematic.

But often we are not aware of how much we consume, whether it is still a pleasure or just too much. Arud's consumption diary app helps you to record your consumption habits simply and safely!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who's the app for?


For all ...

  • ... who wonders about her exact consumption.
  • ... who consciously want to deal with their consumption.
  • ... who keep a consumption diary as part of a therapy.

What can the app do?

  • Determine in the self-test whether your consumption is problematic.
  • Choose between the existing categories or set up your own personal category.
  • If necessary, formulate consumption goals, plan concrete change steps and check them continuously.
  • Export the consumption statistics as PDF files and print them out.
  • Activate the reminder function so that the daily entry is not forgotten.

What can I track?


Anything you want: From alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis or the time spent in front of the computer or shopping - you decide what you want to keep an eye on.

How is my data protected?


The Arud app is simple and secure: The entered data is only stored locally on your mobile phone and is not stored on an external server. You can also protect your sensitive data with an access code to the app.

How much is the app?


Nothing - you can download the app for free.

What to do in case of technical problems?


For questions or inputs please contact us at The reaction times are on weekdays from 9 to 17 o'clock.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Arud Consumption Log App - Data Protection and Privacy Policy


Apps with love places great emphasis on a data-minimising process in the development and design of the Consumption Log App for the Arud Center for Addiction Medicine. The following terms identify what data Apps with love collects in connection with the use of the Arud Consumption Log App and the services it provides, how and for what purposes it handles them and with whom it shares the information.

1. Owner of the data collection for the Arud Consumption Log App
Apps with love AG is the owner of the data that is created and collected in the context of the use of the Arud Consumption App.

2. User rights
Users have the right at any time to request information about the data stored and processed about them by Apps with love, as well as the right to request their correction or any addition, to object to the processing of their data or to request their deletion within the legal and contractual framework. Requests for information, correction or deletion of user data must be sent to the following address in writing, accompanied by a signed request and a copy of the person’s passport or identity card:

Apps with love AG
Data Protection Officer
Landoltstrasse 63
3007 Bern

3. What data does Apps with Love collect within the context of the Arud Consumption Log App?

3.1 Registration and identification
No registration or identification is required for the use of the Arud Consumption Log App.

3.2 Use of the Arud Consumption Log App
In relation to the use of the Arud Consumption Log App, Apps with love collects the following data: Identification numbers of the user’s technical device; Information about the operating system installed on the user’s device; Information about the set language within the Arud Consumption Log App; Consent to receive in-app messaging and push notifications.

3.3 Data about usage behaviour
Session data relating to visits to the Arud Consumption Log app (including duration and frequency of visits, language and country presets, browser and smartphone operating system information and internet protocol addresses) are collected by Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an analytics service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States ("Google"). The information generated by Google Analytics on the use of the app is usually transmitted to a Google server in Ireland (Google Ireland Limited, Google Building Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland) and / or the United States and stored there.

4. Technical and organisational measures taken to protect user data
Apps with love has taken the necessary technical and organisational security measures to protect user data from unauthorised access and unauthorised data processing. These are reviewed regularly and adapted to technological advancements.

5. Other provisions
If the individual provisions of these terms of use and the data protection policy prove to be invalid, ineffective or imposssible to comply with, this shall not affect the validity, effectiveness and fulfillment of the remaining parts of the conditions of use and data protection. For all questions and disputes in connection with the use of the Arud consumer log app - as far as legally permissible - Swiss law exclusively applies, under the explicit exclusion of its collision rules. Compulsory conflict of laws provisions remain reserved. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Bern; compulsory courts of jurisdiction remain reserved.

Apps with love AG, Bern 16 August, 2019

Protection des données / Politique de confidentialité – Application Journal de consommation Arud


Apps with love a accordé une grande importance au principe de minimisation des données lors de la conception et du développement de l’application Journal de consommation (ci-après : l’application) sur mandat d’Arud, Centre de médecine de l’addiction. Les dispositions ci-après précisent quelles données sont collectées par Apps with love en relation avec l’utilisation de l’application et avec les prestations qui y sont offertes, comment ces données sont traitées et à quelles fins et à qui elles sont communi-quées.

1. Maître du fichier de l’application Apps with love AG est le maître des fichiers qui sont générés dans le cadre de l’utilisation de l’application.

2. Droits de l’utilisateur L’utilisateur a le droit de demander en tout temps des renseignements sur les données le concernant qui sont conservées et traitées chez Apps with love et, le cas échéant, d’exiger qu’elles soient recti-fiées ou complétées. Il a également le droit de s’opposer au traitement de ses données ou de réclamer leur effacement dans le cadre légal et contractuel. Les demandes de renseignements, de rectification ou d’effacement des données de l’utilisateur doi-vent être envoyées par écrit à l’adresse suivante, en y joignant une requête signée et une copie du passeport ou de la carte d’identité :

Apps with love AG
Préposé à la protection des données
Landoltstrasse 63
3007 Berne

3. Quelles sont les données collectées par Apps with love dans le cadre de l’application ? 3.1 Inscription et identification L’utilisation de l’application ne requiert ni inscription ni identification.

3.2 Utilisation de l’application Apps with love collecte les données suivantes dans le cadre de l’utilisation de l’application : numéros d’identification de l’appareil technique de l’utilisateur ; informations sur le système d’exploitation installé sur l’appareil de l’utilisateur ; informations sur la langue installée dans l’application ; consentement à recevoir des messages in-app et notifications push

3.3 Données sur le comportement des utilisateurs L’outil d’analyse « Google Analytics » recueille les données concernant les consultations de l’application (y compris la durée et la fréquence des consultations, les paramètres relatifs à la langue et au pays, des informations sur le navigateur et le système d’exploitation du smartphone, les adresses IP). Google Analytics est un service d’analyse de Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, Etats-Unis (« Google »). Les informations générées par Google Analytics quant à l’utilisation de l’application sont transmises en règle générale sur un serveur de Google en Irlande (Google Ireland Limited, Google Building Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Irlande) et/ou aux Etats-Unis où elles sont conservées.

4. Mesures techniques et organisationnelles pour protéger les données des utilisateurs Apps with love a pris les mesures de sécurité nécessaires tant au plan technique qu’organisationnel pour protéger les données des utilisateurs contre un accès illicite et un traitement de données non autorisé. Ces mesures sont vérifiées régulièrement et adaptées au progrès technique.

5. Autres dispositions Si certaines clauses des présentes conditions d’utilisation et de protection des données devaient s’avérer nulles, sans effet ou impraticables, cela n’affecte en rien la validité et l’applicabilité des autres parties des conditions d’utilisation et de protection des données. Seul le droit suisse s’applique – dans les limites de la loi – à toute question ou litige en relation avec l’utilisation de l’application, à l’exclusion expresse des règles de conflits de lois. Les règles de conflits de lois impératives sont réservées. Le for exclusif est Berne ; les fors obligatoires sont réservés.

Apps with love AG, Berne, le 16 août 2019

Informativa sulla privacy – L’applicazione Diario del consumo Arud


Per lo sviluppo e la concezione dell’app Diario del consumo, commissionato dal Centro per la medicina delle dipendenze Arud, il fornitore “Apps with love AG” ha attribuito grande importanza alla gestione efficiente dei dati. Le seguenti disposizioni forniscono informazioni sui dati che “Apps with love” racco-glie in seguito all’utilizzo dell’app Diario del consumo Arud e dei servizi ivi contemplati, su come e per quali finalità questi dati vengono elaborati e a chi vengono trasmessi.

1. Titolare della raccolta dati dell'applicazione Diario del consumo Arud “Apps with love AG”, titolare della raccolta dati dell’app Diario del consumo Arud, è la proprietaria dei dati raccolti in seguito all’utilizzo dell’app Diario del consumo Arud.

2. Diritti dell’utente L’utente ha il diritto di ottenere in ogni momento le informazioni sui suoi dati memorizzati ed elaborati da “Apps with love”, di pretenderne eventualmente la correzione o la modifica, di opporsi al tratta-mento dei suoi dati oppure, per l’adempimento di ogni obbligo legale e contrattuale, di richiederne la cancellazione. Le richieste di informazioni, di correzione o di cancellazione dei dati dell’utente devono essere inviate al seguente indirizzo con una richiesta firmata, allegando una copia del passaporto o della carta d’identità:

Apps with love AG
Responsabile della protezione dei dati
Landoltstrasse 63
3007 Berna

3. Quali dati raccoglie “Apps with love” con l’app Diario del consumo Arud? 3.1 Registrazione e identificazione Per l’utilizzo dell’app Diario del consumo Arud non è richiesta alcuna registrazione o identificazione.

3.2 Utilizzo dell’app Diario del consumo Arud Con l’utilizzo del Diario del consumo Arud da parte degli utenti, “Apps with love” raccoglie i seguenti dati: numeri di identificazione del dispositivo tecnico dell’utente; informazioni sul sistema operativo installato sul dispositivo dell’utente; informazioni sulla lingua impostata per l’app Diario del consumo Arud; consenso alle notiche push e ai messaggi in-app.

3.3 Dati sul comportamento dell’utente I dati della sessione relativi alle visite all’app Diario del consumo Arud (compresi la durata e la frequenza delle visite, le impostazioni della lingua e del paese, le informazioni sul browser e sul sistema operativo dello smartphone, gli indirizzi del protocollo Internet) vengono raccolti dallo strumento di analisi di Google Analytics. Google Analytics è un servizio di analisi fornito da Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, Stati Uniti (“Google”). Di regola, le informazioni generate da Goo-gle Analytics sull’utilizzo dell’app vengono trasmesse e memorizzate da Google su un server in Irlanda (Google Ireland Limited, Google Building Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublino, D04 E5W5, Irlanda) e/o negli Stati Uniti.

4. Misure tecniche e organizzative per la protezione dei dati degli utenti “Apps with love “ ha adottato le misure di sicurezza tecniche e organizzative necessarie per la protezio-ne dei dati degli utenti da accessi non autorizzati e dal trattamento non autorizzato dei dati. Tali misure vengono regolarmente riesaminate e adattate al progresso tecnologico.

5. Disposizioni ulteriori Qualora singole disposizioni delle presenti condizioni d’uso e di protezione dei dati risultassero non valide, inefficaci o inapplicabili, non sarebbero comunque pregiudicate in alcun modo la validità, l’efficacia e l’applicabilità delle restanti disposizioni delle condizioni d’uso e di protezione dei dati. Tutte le questioni e le controversie relative all’utilizzo dell’App Diario di consumo Arud sono disciplinate esclusivamente dal diritto svizzero, applicabile nella misura consentita dalla legge, a espressa esclusione delle norme sui conflitti di leggi. Restano riservate le norme imperative sui conflitti di leggi. Il foro com-petente esclusivo è Berna, con riserva dei fori obbligatori.

Apps with love AG, Berna, 16 agosto 2019