General Internal Medicine

The consumption of addictive substances can affect the body: the risk of hepatitis and HIV infections is higher and chronic diseases manifest themselves sooner and more often than in the general population.

Everything under one roof for the best care

People with a chronic substance use disorder are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as COPD, osteoporosis or liver and kidney disorders. HIV and hepatitis C are also more prevalent among people who inject or snort drugs. As we are offering all our services in one place, we can provide medical care to people who would otherwise fall through the cracks in the system. We offer internal medicine and addiction treatment under one roof.

Specialised hepatitis C and HIV services

We treat HIV and hepatitis infections and dispense medicines then and there. This means that we can also successfully treat those patients with dependencies, who would otherwise be excluded from secondary or tertiary care because of their psychosocial situation. Other institutions, such as the hospitals of the Canton of Zurich, also refer patients to us for hepatitis C treatment.

Chronic Care Management – placing patients at the centre of care

When treating chronic diseases, an experienced team of doctors, specialist nurses and social workers follow the principles of Chronic Care Management. Easy access and personal, patient-centred care characterise our services. We attach great importance to empowering patients by coaching them and thus enabling them to deal with their chronic illness.

From the first consultation to specific assessments and comprehensive care

For each assigned patient, we discuss the treatment modalities with the referring physician. Our services range from a simple telephone consultation to carrying out specific examinations, such as a fibroscan, to certain therapies or even comprehensive care packages.


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