Open-minded and personal

Each person brings very different circumstances and needs with them – and that is exactly what we tailor our treatments to. Together, we will develop realistic goals: be it to control, reduce, or give up your consumption or any problematic behaviour.

The focus lies always on improving your quality of life and on minimising any risks to your health that your substance use or problematic behaviour may cause. Our approach to treatment is therefore open-minded, and not primarily focused on abstinence.

Possible goals range from reducing consumption and controlling consumption to achieving abstinence – depending on your situation and needs. The same applies for non-substance-related addictions.

Controlling or reducing consumption


To control or reduce consumption does not focus on abstinence. The goal is rather to reduce consumption until it is no longer a threat to your health or your working or social life.

To control consumption, we will determine how consumption can be reduced step by step. A consumption diary can help to set realistic weekly goals (daily limits, substance-free days).

To reduce consumption, medicines that relieve cravings can be prescribed.

If the aim is to reduce substance consumption without prior detox, treatment focuses on gradually strengthening and expanding control over your consumption behaviour. In this way, it is possible to reduce the amount consumed on a sustained basis or gradually achieve abstinence.



If you wish to give up your substance use altogether, we will accompany you on this journey. We will set up a treatment plan together, to gradually reduce consumption. We will work out strategies together, that will help you in your daily routine. We attach great importance to teaching you methods that enable you to deal constructively with possible setbacks and relapses.

Outpatient detox


If you wish to stop your substance use altogether, we will help you find the best way to reach your goal. We place particular emphasis on showing you how to constructively deal with possible setbacks and relapses. If required, we will support the detox medically.

What we offer:

  • information and assessment
  • analysis of consumption behaviour
  • individually tailored treatment plans
  • close supervision
  • medically assisted treatments
  • talking therapy to identify possible relapse triggers
  • specific strategies and tools for everyday life
  • help dealing with relapses
  • aftercare
  • treatment of accompanying illnesses


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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to give up consumption altogether?


It depends on your goals and on the severity of your addiction. Sometimes, a safe, enjoyable consumption can be achieved again, in other cases, abstinence is advisable. During the first consultation, we will define the goals together. These can be adapted during the course of treatment.