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Arud was founded by committed medical specialists during a time when pictures of the open drug scene in Zurich shook the world. It was a necessary and pragmatic response to these precarious circumstances. With its hands-on approach and corresponding research work, Arud has, since its beginnings 25 years ago, played a substantial role in shaping Swiss drugs policy. The goal of our work has remained the same: to guarantee treatment for everyone affected by an addiction.

This is how you can support Arud:

Become a member


Arud can look back on 30 years of successful organization history. A history that is due to the visionary commitment of our founders and members. Become part of this history and shape the future of Arud as a member!

The membership fee is CHF 50.- per year. Regardless of whether you want to join our association for professional or personal reasons - your support is very important to us! Further information about the association and membership can be found here.

Support Arud with a donation


Today, the treatment of addiction is one of the mandatory services provided by health insurance companies. But Arud's work encompasses much more: as a committed player in the field of addiction, we work at various levels to ensure that the situation of people affected by addiction continues to improve.

As important as they are: Not all of Arud's services can be covered by health insurance. For innovative offers and special projects we rely on the support of patrons and partners.

Bequest and funeral donations


With a legacy or mourning donation in favor of our organization, your values and ideals can continue to thrive and help those affected beyond your lifetime. Do you have questions or would you like to know more? We are happy to provide you with more information.

Where your support is needed:

The Arud Patient Fund

Many of our patients live at the subsistence level. Der Arud-Patient:innen-fonds ermöglicht rasche und unbürokratische Unterstützung, wenn das Netz der sozialen Absicherung zu reissen droht.

➔ More about our fund

Our Peer Project

Peers share the same space of experience with those affected. They form a bridge to our patients and help us to make our treatment offering even more tailored to their needs.

➔ More about our peer projects

Research for practice

From the beginning, Arud has evaluated its offerings to measure benefits and impact. Today, we continue to conduct research in order to constantly expand and develop our offerings.

➔ More about our research


Thank you very much for your commitment!

The Arud association is recognized as a non-profit organization. We do not strive for profit, but invest all income in the further development of our offers and projects.

Donations to our association are tax deductible in many cantons. If you would like a tax certificate, please contact us!