Everyone whose addictive behaviour has become debilitating should receive adequate treatment. For more than 30 years, Arud has been committed to fighting the stigma attached to substance use and to a progressive and pragmatic drugs policy.

For better conditions

We are committed to develop compassion and improve conditions for people with addictive disorders. Addiction treatment should be available to everyone, regardless of their lifestyle choices. Improving their health and their quality of life is always our first priority.

Against criminalisation

We fight the stigmatisation and criminalisation of people who use psychoactive substances. At Arud, we do not differentiate between legal and illegal substances, we differentiate between low-risk and high-risk consumption. We help people whose substance use has become debilitating, keeping the risks to their health as low as possible. Dependence can be compared to a chronic illness – because of its multi-layered and complex causes it often requires long-term treatment.

For greater awareness of risk factors

Non-substance-related addictions such as problematic gambling or internet use are still insufficiently recognised by the public. Preventive measures and treatment services for people at risk are only now emerging. We are committed to offering adequate support to anyone who is affected and are working towards a policy framework that reflects their needs.

For a progressive drugs policy

We are in favour of an adequate regulation of all legal and illegal substances. Today’s prohibitionist drugs policies and its consequences hamper effective harm reduction and prevention. We plead for a nuanced regulation, which reflects the potential harms to both individuals and wider society. In the area of non-substance-related addictive behaviours, we support an adequate regulation of services on offer, such as casinos or online gambling websites. We encourage the debate about a pragmatic, evidence-based and fair drugs policy.

For improved care for hepatitis c sufferers

We play a substantial role in the development of a national and international network for hepatitis C experts to guarantee treatment for hepatitis C sufferers even beyond the field of addiction medicine.

Research and training for an adequate approach to addiction

Through our in-house research we contribute to new findings and share our knowledge in Switzerland as well as abroad. The Arud training centre is recognised by the Swiss Medical Association FMH and offers further training to prospective specialists. We offer internships for medical and social work students.