Video Games and Internet Addiction

Most of us cannot imagine a day without using the internet – it has become an essential tool for getting information, communicating and entertainment. However, its constant availability can cause problems, particularly the use of social media, online video games and pornography.

Many online activities are accompanied by positive experiences such as feelings of belonging, recognition, success or even control. Sometimes, using the internet can affect the perception of time – similar to being intoxicated. To deal with the incessant stimulation that using the internet generates in a responsible way, strategies and methods to boost self-control are necessary.

Excessive internet use can cause changes to the brain’s reward system: the urge to go online becomes more and more difficult to control and the interest in other activities is declining – more and more time is spent online.

Are you finding it difficult to control or curb your internet use? Are you neglecting other interests and your family and social life? In this case, it is advisable to get professional help. We will help you find ways of using the internet in a more measured and controlled manner.

We will also look at any mental health or social issues you may have; depression and other mental health problems are often diagnosed in people with excessive internet use. Our knowledgeable therapists and physicians will accompany you respectfully on your journey towards a better quality of life and better health. Your treatment will be individually tailored to your needs.

This is how we support you:

  • addiction treatment: information, assessment and advice, support controlling or reducing consumption, outpatient detox, aftercare and relapse prevention
  • psychiatry and psychotherapy: mental health assessment and psychiatric treatment
  • social care: support in everyday life, e.g. dealing with problems in the social environment, at work, at school or in an apprenticeship, with finances or with the authorities and landlords


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