Psychotherapeutic guided group therapies

We offer group therapy on various topics for people with addiction.

The group provides a safe space to talk with others about oneself, one's difficulties and concerns, and to look at issues from different perspectives.

Interaction in the group also enables people to better understand social anxiety or relationship difficulties, to try out new patterns of thinking and behavior, to strengthen social skills and their own resources, and to develop personally.

Our group therapy offers

Open topic therapy group

Psychotherapeutically guided group therapy for people with dependency disorder

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Discussion group for women

Psychotherapeutically guided group therapy for women with addictive disorders.

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What are the benefits of group therapy?

We are human beings, social beings, and our development takes place in relationships. Therefore, our subjectively experienced difficulties and challenges are very often in the context of relationships: the relationship to oneself, to other people or to the environment. The group can:

  • giving feedback through the group members
  • enable corrective experiences
  • enable exchange with other people
  • provide emotional support and stability
  • help to tackle or consolidate desired changes

For whom is group therapy suitable?

The group is suitable for anyone who wants to reflect on their issues in depth in a therapy group.