In Switzerland, one in four people aged 15 and over currently consume tobacco products. Enjoyment, habit and stress are the most cited reasons for smoking. However, more than half of those smoking daily would like to stop. Changing a behaviour that has become a habit is a complex endeavour – even more so as tobacco has a high potential for dependency.

There are strategies and methods to help you change your habits – like cutting back on your cigarette breaks or going without your evening smoking ritual. Regardless of your age, it is worth smoking less or giving it up altogether – it will significantly reduce the risk of developing smoking-related diseases in the future.

We will be by your side and help you reach your personal goals. Our knowledgeable therapists and physicians will accompany you respectfully and empathetically.

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What are the health risks of smoking?


The nerve agent nicotine in the tobacco leaf belongs a group of psychoactive substances with the highest potential for dependence.

Numerous harmful substances – many of them poisonous or carcinogenic – reach the lungs when inhaling tobacco smoke. The lungs absorb them together with the oxygen. Via the blood stream, they are carried to practically every part of the body – and can potentially harm almost every organ.