Social Care

Using addictive substances often affects people’s social lives. Our social workers offer advice and support in all situations. We promote patient autonomy, personal responsibility and self-help.

Boosting confidence and pointing out possibilities

Social Care at Arud is as diverse as the problems are when you are suffering from an addictive disorder. Our topics range from securing an acceptable standard of living to coping with everyday life or finding a way back to employment.

We advise, mediate, accompany and support our patients, whatever social issues need addressing. Whenever possible, we show ways and alternatives to combat resignation and encourage the use of their own resources.

Cooperation with a variety of partners

As part of an interdisciplinary team, our social workers are working closely with other professions. In cooperation with various authorities and institutions as well as through our active participation in cross-institutional committees, we represent the needs, concerns and interests of people with substance use disorders, always aiming for integration instead of segregation.


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