Discussion group for women

Psychotherapeutically guided group therapy for women with addictive disorders.

Social contacts are important for psychological well-being and satisfaction. The group provides a protected space to talk with others about oneself, one's difficulties and concerns, and to consider issues from different perspectives.

Group interaction also enables people to better understand social anxiety or relationship difficulties, try out new ways of thinking and behaving, strengthen social skills resources and to develop personally. further development.

Wednesdays, 16-17.30

The offer is continuous, registration is possible at any time if there are free places.

Are covered by the oblig. Covered by the compulsory health insurance.

In person at the patient administration or under:
058 360 50 00 / arud@arud.ch

Arud Zentrum für Suchtmedizin
Schützengasse 31, 8001 Zürich
3rd floor, in the group room