Research in Practice

We stand for an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment. Thanks to our research projects and publications, we are able to constantly evaluate, further develop and expand our services, always aiming to improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing as well as the general quality of life of people with addictive disorders.

Our independent, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented research focuses on reducing the harm of legal and illegal substances as well as any questions associated with internal medicine, infectiology (hepatitis, HIV) and psychiatry. In addition to our own projects, we take part in national and international joint research programmes.

Current projects


Here you can download publications and articles by Arud employees. You can also download all issues of our publication series.

Articles & Publications

January 2014 | Addiction | Opioide

Maintenance treatment for opioid dependence with slow-release oral morphine: a randomized cross-over, non-inferiority study versus methadone.

Beck, T., et al.
January 2013 | Sucht | Alkohol Opioide

Alkohol in Opioidsubstitution – zwischen therapeutischem Risiko, Patientenwohl und Public Health

Falcato, L. M., et al.

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