28. May 2018  |  News

The Arud new SSAM-recognized training facility

The Swiss Society for Addiction Medicine (SSAM) is now offering the Dependence Diseases Certificate - and Arud has been a recognised training centre for this purpose since May. With the certificate, course participants acquire the necessary skills to work independently in a practice or specialised institution in all areas of dependency diseases.

Strengthening interdisciplinary expertise

The field of dependence diseases covers the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dependence diseases, taking into account their psychological, somatic and social dimensions. The certificate of competence is intended to strengthen interdisciplinary specialist knowledge and skills in dealing with addiction disorders.

The further education is divided into a theoretical and a practical part.

In the theoretical training, knowledge is acquired in the field of basic sciences, epidemiology and prevention, in the clinical and therapeutic area as well as in the social and legal area.

Goals of practical training

  • Acquiring knowledge about diagnostics, anamnesis and clinical examination
  • The practice of individual accompaniment, of dealing with relatives and of networked work
  • Dealing with emergency and crisis situations
  • Management of substitution programs

Physicians who already have clinical experience in addiction diseases now have the opportunity to acquire the practical qualifications for the Arud certificate of proficiency. The practical training lasts one year.

For more information on training and how to obtain the certificate, please visit the [SSAM website] (http://www.ssam.ch/d8/de/faehigkeitsausweis-abhaengigkeitserkrankungen).