Arud consumption diary app

The Arud consumption diary app makes it easy to record the consumption of psychoactive substances. It provides those concerned with a practical tool for formulating their consumption goals and for planning and continuously monitoring steps towards change.

The treatment approach of Arud is not abstinence-oriented, but open-ended - those affected decide for themselves which consumption goal they want to achieve: whether consumption reduction, control or complete abstinence. For this purpose, keeping a consumption diary is often helpful to set realistic weekly consumption goals (e.g., maximum daily amount, number of consumption-free days).

The Arud app was developed for our patients. However, since we want all people affected by addiction to receive adequate treatment, we make the app available for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

The maintenance and further development of this app is a big chunk for us as a non-profit organization and we are happy about small and big support.