Stericups and Sterifilts

The infectious disease hepatitis C is much more contagious than HIV. Therefore, in addition to hygienic syringes and needles, additional preventive measures are needed for intravenous substance use to prevent transmission.

In order to close this existing prevention gap in the fight against hepatitis C, Arud has been offering its patients so-called Stericups (spoons) free of charge since 2019. The Stericups are a disposable product with which the substances to be consumed in liquid form can be drawn up under hygienic conditions.

In addition, we also provide our patients with sterifilts (membrane filters) if required. These filters prevent impurities from being present in the substance solution to be injected, which could lead to blockages in the blood vessels.

The offer continues to attract great interest. Arud initiated and maintains this service at its own expense - as a further and important component of harm reduction.