Hepnet – a network for specialists

Hepnet Zurich is a network of specialists who are involved in the treatment of hepatitis among people who use drugs.

It enables experts to get to know other specialists in the field personally, making referrals easier and giving them the opportunity to share their specialist knowledge. Regular training courses and the discussion of case studies form an important part of this network.

The objective of Hepnet Zurich

Through imparting knowledge and developing new models of care, we want to improve the inadequate care situation in the area of viral hepatitis for people with substance use disorders (screening, education, treatment, aftercare).

Target audience

All medical experts who are involved in the care of substance use disorders, such as psychiatrists, gastroenterologists, general practitioners, internal medicine specialists, addiction medicine specialists, prison GPs, health care professionals, are welcome to join Hepnet Zurich.

Quarterly meetings

Thursdays, 4.30pm to 6pm, with subsequent Apéro (drinks and light snacks). You will find the next date in our events calendar.


Prof. Dr. med. Philip Bruggmann, Head of General Internal Medicine at Arud

Are you interested in joining us?

Email us. We look forward to welcoming you to our network and will inform you of upcoming events.