Hepatitis C Peer to Peer Project

Because in Swiss OAT centers the prevalence for hepatitis C is around 50% Arud Center for Addiction Medicine started the Arud HCV P2P peer project.

The goals of the P2P intervention are to improve the knowledge about the risk and to increase the test rate at persons exposed to it, to raise the number of successfully completed treatments, prevent re-infections and the representation of the interests of PWID with chronic hepatitis C.



To measure the success of their work the peers conduct a survey with 150 drug users to find out how much knowledge they already have about hepatitis C and develop information strategies to improve it. The survey is repeated every six months to quantify the knowledge gain and improved attention to hepatitis C among the drug users. The study will be conducted in three cities: Berne, Basel and Zurich, with Berne and Basel serving as the control group.

You will soon find more information about the peer project on this website.



Five peers recruited among OAT patients and two who have helped to establish the Swiss Hepatitis C Association SHCA were recruited for this project and hired for at least two years.

The peers receive training in basic information on hepatitis C, forms of infection, increased accompanying risks, therapy and medication.

Robert Hahn, Andreas Hüttenmoser, Marcel Kägi, Anton Kohler (SHCA), Simone Murbach, Michela Viadante, Oliver Wehrli (SHCA)

Project Management
Philip Bruggmann (PD Dr. med., Head of Internal Medicine), Martin Luck (MAS Social Management, Project Manager), Luis Falcato (Lic. Phil., Head of Research)

Supporters of the project


FOPH, Gilead Switzerland, Abbvie, MSD, Fondation Sana, Hans and Gertrude Oetiker Foundation.

Thank You!


Email: hepfree@arud.ch
Phone: 058 360 51 88