We provide medical care

If you consume addictive substances your physical wellbeing may suffer. Intravenous or intranasal administration of drugs carries the risk of hepatitis or HIV infections. We offer GP services and specialist treatments. Our surgery is open to all.

The assessment and treatment of hepatitis B and C and HIV infections requires specialist knowledge. Our doctors and nurses in our HIV and hepatitis clinic provide that knowledge. In addition, our specialist doctors offer GP services.

What we offer

  • GP services
  • medical addiction assessments
  • specialist clinic for hepatitis, HIV and other infectious diseases, including consultation, assessment and therapy
  • fibroscan tests und ultrasound scans
  • woundcare
  • counselling and support by peer workers


Would you like to get in touch or do you have any questions regarding treatment? We are there for you, with straightforward and confidential help.

+41 58 360 50 00
You can contact us from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Arud have its own pharmacy to dispense medicines?


Yes. You can obtain the medication you need for your treatment directly from us.