07. July 2020  |  News

Diaphane gifts: Second survey started in HeGeBe centres

A special regulation of the FOPH allowed more diaphane donations during the corona crisis. The Arud is now launching a second round of surveys on the experience gained in this respect, in which as many other centres as possible are to participate. The term for inclusions is until the end of August.

In order to provide the best possible protection against coronavirus infection for people at risk, the FOPH issued a special regulation in March which allowed patients undergoing heroin-assisted treatment (OAT with diaphane) to be given diaphane for up to 7 days.

With the relaxation measures decided by the Federal Council and the transition from the exceptional to the special situation, this special regulation was revoked by the FOPH, so that no further exceptional authorisations can be granted with immediate effect. The Arud very much regrets this decision, as there is still a risk of local outbreaks of infection and/or a second wave. From a medical point of view, a continuation of the extended grants for the protection of those affected and the population would therefore be urgently advisable.

More quality of life thanks to more gifts

At the beginning of the special regulation, Arud had already carried out a survey among its patients in OAT (with diaphin) in order to understand more precisely the effects of the extended dispensations, especially with regard to safety (overdoses). An initial evaluation showed that the majority of patients experience the extended medication as a stabilising and supporting measure, with a clear gain in satisfaction and quality of life. There was no evidence of an increased risk of overdose.

Second round of interviews started

A second round of surveys has now been launched in which all HeGeBe centres are called upon to participate - the more centres that participate, the larger and thus more meaningful the data pool will be. Patients can still be included in the survey until the end of August.