Peer services: support and guidance at eye level

The increasing cost pressure in the healthcare sector is also noticeable at Arud. The financial scope for establishing promising projects such as peer work is becoming visibly narrower. With your support, we can continue to accompany those affected and pursue innovative paths in the treatment of addictive diseases.

We stand for innovation and needs-oriented treatment of our patients. The use of peers - as persons who share a space of experience due to their life circumstances (addiction, mental illness, etc.) - has been experiencing a steadily growing acceptance for several years. Peer workers create an empathic connection to our patients, impart prevention knowledge and open up unmet treatment needs. We train peer workers professionally and offer them a fairly paid position.

We want to establish peer interventions in the outpatient addiction field. As long as the peer interventions cannot be billed to cover their costs, we are dependent on donations from third parties to finance our peer projects.

We would be pleased if you would join us in our commitment to peer work and thank you for your support.