1st Arud Symposium on Harm Reduction from E-cigarettes

The use of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes or so-called ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) are the subject of controversial debate.

On the one hand, the products are suspected of leading young people increasingly into nicotine addiction and thus also to the consumption of conventional cigarettes. On the other hand, the role of e-cigarettes in tobacco cessation as a harm-reducing measure is being discussed. The demands go as far as a complete ban of e-cigarettes.

In no other field of addiction medicine, the question of abstinence as the only goal, is still discussed so dogmatically as in tobacco. While "harm reduction" measures have been established for most addictions to psychoactive substances, experts are not yet in agreement on this issue in the case of nicotine dependence.

The 1st Arud Symposium, held online via Zoom on February 25, 2021, presented the evidence base on the different viewpoints and perspectives and let the experts discuss them.

Scientific Committee:

  • Prof. Heino Stoever (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)
  • Prof. Oliver Senn (Institute of Family Medicine, University of Zurich)
  • PD Dr. med. Philip Bruggmann (Arud Center for Addiction Medicine)

Download of the presentations

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